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How to Improve at Mattress in 60 Minutes

We make it very easy for you, for this we explain clearly the types of materials that make up our mattresses and the types of bases that you can find. If you need detailed information and answers to your questions you can choose between these points. works with the best manufacturers in Spain; we are the online-offline store with the largest number of brands for sale that makes us different from our competitors: We highlight here the main manufacturers of which we are official distributors. Clicking on each logo you can know more about them and their products, their patents, technologies, their manufacture and why their products have so few incidents and offer so many guarantees.

In we have designed this guide to help you make the decision when buying your mattresses and bases (mattress, upholstered base or sofa). We hope to be of help. If you do not have time to read or have any questions, please call the toll-free number 900 701 086 and we will gladly assist you.

How to choose a mattress

When choosing a mattress there are many factors that must be taken into account: weight, height, whether we sleep alone or accompanied, the desired firmness, the materials on which we sleep now, our sleeping position, the frequency of use of the mattress to acquire, if we suffer any specific ailment or disease and there are more criteria!, but those are the main ones.

That is why we have created these information guides, in which we will talk about how they affect materials, how to choose the firmness you are looking for, about the measures and prices of mattresses, which mattress to choose according to your age, appearance or way of life and also on how to maintain them so that they last for many, many, many years.

How to choose a hinged or fixed sofa bed

If what you are looking for is helping to buy a folding canopy suitable for your sleeping, mattress that you have at home or want to buy, the size of your bedroom, etc. Below we show you a help guide with the most frequent questions that our clients ask us. Remember that the choice of base is very important when it comes to shaping your bed, since it is the support of the mattress and can also give more or less firmness, as well as transpiration qualities.

How to choose a slatted bed base

Generally, the purchase of a mattress is usually associated with a base, and the bed bases are the most common. Or take into account that a mattress usually lasts about ten years, but the mattress is more durable. How to know if after all that time I have to choose a mattress or another to take advantage of the base? Are visco mattresses with a slatted bed base suitable? What if I want less firmness? All these questions we try to answer them in these sections.

How to choose an upholstered base

We have created this guide to help you know what are the upholstered bases that are currently sold in the market, if they are appropriate for your way of sleeping and your mattress, and the differences that make up each other so that you understand the way in which your choice conditions rest.


Spring mattresses may be the best option for people with sweating problems or who seek a more traditional rest, wanting to avoid the sensation of adaptability offered by viscoelastic or latex mattresses. As with the other materials, there are spring mattresses of different compositions, spring thicknesses and degrees of firmness. Bagged springs are more adaptable than traditional springs, for example, and the choice of one type or another of mattresses will depend on what each one is looking for or needs.

The price of the mattress is one of the main problems that people face when buying a mattress. You must bear in mind that the price is reflected in factors such as quality, size or durability. The latter, especially, can make it better to spend money on a quality that can last longer, not try to save and, after a short time, you should go back to buy another. It is also important to keep in mind that testing the mattress in a physical store always helps and it is recommended that the brand you are interested in have physical stores, but then end up confirming your purchase online if it is more comfortable. Click here memory foam mattress comparisonyou will get all the details.

What things you should do and not to do to clean your mattress?

Through you buy a new mattress before some days ago and you see now it turns into old one and it happens because you can’t care it the right way. You have to clean your mattress daily and if you don’t know about that then you should get services through professionals. You can consult to those suppliers whom you buy this mattress.

If you can’t get proper solution after this then you can read all these given below points. This will help you to clean your mattress the right way and you will sleep in better manner.

Special mattress cleaner

These days everything is available in the market which you can buy like mattress cleaner which you afford easily to clean it. So, when you want to clean mattress and make it like the memory foam mattress then you have to buy special mattress cleaners. Even you have choice to get services through professionals who has proper tools to clean it and also have experienced.

Get advantage to use mattress cover

An old mattress is really hub of disease, infections and dust mite mitigation and much other disease. So, if you want to get rid out form this then you should have to put cover on your mattress. When you cover it once then there is no need to clean up your mattress daily, but you can clean it weekly and half of the month.

Adopt trait to turn mattress in 3 months

If you remember when you go to buy a mattress then they should inform you turn your mattress after some time. Actually, it is beneficial for your health and you will get rid of all health issues. So, you have to remember when you last turn your mattress and keep this trait to make your mattress clean and healthy.

Things not do while cleaning mattress

These given below things should tell you about what you not to do exactly when you want to clean your mattress. You can clean your mattress properly if you will avoid this on that time.

Don’t use dry cleaning solutions

There is no need to use any dry-cleaning solutions when you want to clean your mattress. You will find that you destroyed mattress through this cleaning way. so, there is no need to clean your mattress through rough material which tears that.

Avoid use of baking soda

When you use baking soda to clean your mattress then you can’t clean it properly in fact. Actually, it has the paste material which is typical to clean up and you have to spend more time on cleaning process.

Never dipped into the washing machine

Do you want to clean your mattress then you should never dip into the washing machine? Actually, through this process sit will be damaged and you can’t get your mattress like you put in it before. Convert your old mattress into the best mattress for back pain and make it clean to remove all dust mite mitigation from your mattress.

5 mistakes to avoid when buying a mattress

During the time when you are all set to buy a brand-new mattress then there are plenty of things and ideas available which can give you some desired benefits. First of all, you will have decided which kind of a mattress you want to buy. After thinking that, you should collect some information about the various types of mattresses which are available in your regional market. If your desired mattress is not available in your regional market, then you simply can browse some official websites of mattress selling stores. This could be the ideal way in which you could buy a mattress.

The proper ideas about mattress buying and selling are always available on the online mediums. You can also go to any professional online platform to collect some reliable and useful information about such things. As a customer, it is your moral duty to follow the rules and regulations correctly. No one can help you when you have made a poor buying decision, so think more before buying mattress in an ordinary way.

Get it according to your sleep type

Most of the buyers repeat this same mistake time on time. The buyers always want to buy some affordable mattress and because of it can buy a poor-quality mattress. In this same situation, you can think about to read and understand most popular sleep brands which will give you a fair idea about the things that you should know about your mattress.

Don’t Test the mattress appropriately

Because of the urgency that people show during the mattress buying time, such people or customers can’t test the mattress according to their needs. If you will also repeat this common mistake again and again then perhaps you will also make an unreliable buying deal. So, understand this point and test the mattress according to your desires.

Not learning about mattress in right way

Perhaps you don’t have much information about the things like reviews, and because of that you are committing so many mistakes.  You are not learning something about the mattress and this always leads you to get so many different failures. Understand this keen point to make a reliable deal according to your desires.

Failure to know about additional points

The additional information about mattresses is always available on the reviews, so without thinking much you should read reviews which can tell you exactly about the mattress. If you follow this point as asked, then maybe you will make the best buying deal of mattresses.

Get impulsive decisions

Impulsive decisions made by you during the buying procedure of mattress can also give some stress to you. Therefore, understand this point to help yourself during the buying time.

These upper listed points and ideas about the buying procedure may help anyone who wants to buy a mattress within some really affordable price. If you still have some doubts, then you can give preference to the idea of visiting your nearest mattress selling store.

To People That Want to Start Mattress but Are Afraid to Get Started

The mattress palette is getting bigger and bigger day by day, and the choice becomes more complicated. Finding a suitable mattress can be difficult – so we offer this article with tips that can help you in the search.

The importance of the mattress

You do not have to adjust to the mattress – it needs to satisfy your needs. You sleep 6 to 8 hours – it’s all time spent on the mattress. The mute is our support and our o. So, check before buying a mattress. We’ve prepared 8 categories to make it easy for you to choose.

Body material

Depending on the size and weight, you can choose different types of mattresses. If your height exceeds 190 cm, make a mattress custom. It is not at all comfortable to sleep at 200 x 200 cm when you have 190 cm. Take a mattress at least 15-20 cm longer than your height.

If your body mass index is greater than 25, choose a spring mattress. Cotton mattresses can deform and do not support the spine properly

Mattress size

Three are standard sizes of 90 × 200, 140 x 200 and 160 x 200 cm. However, more and more manufacturers are moving into other dimensions. It’s no longer so complicated to get an individual mattress. It may be difficult for you to find the appropriate mattress.

Our advice: Brands that have bed ventilation usually also ventilate mattresses and boxes for boxes. Buy three components at the same time to make your life easier for you.


The pain that can come when it wakes is just one factor: the strength of the mattress that does not fit your body material. The strength of the mattress determines its density (kg / m3). Basic rule: higher user weight – higher density / strength.

However, strength is a subjective characteristic. Do not always listen to the vendor’s advice – try each mattress in the shop and choose the one that suits you. Beware of health problems, contact your doctor: too soft or too firm a mattress does not recommend to people with scoliosis.

What it means is to determine the technology that best suits your needs. Before choosing you can go for Best mattress salesand select the quality one.

Muffler with springs

This model provides good ventilation – people who sweat much may prefer them more. Springs are also better for severe obesity. We recommend pocket springs because they are optimally adapting to the body, offering ideal support and perfect sleep independence. Between the double conical springs and multiple springs – select the latter.


Thanks to high elasticity, latex mattress automatically takes shape after use and perfectly adapts to the morphology of the user. The average latex density is 65 to 85 kg / m3 and offers a strong comfort. The main advantage of latex and its longevity – after 10 years loses only 5% of elasticity. Latex is a natural regulator of moisture and heat – the mattress with the best ventilation on the market.

Tips which beneficial to increase the life of your mattresses

Buying a new mattress is not only good looking for your bed but it will zap out all stress and anxiety problem from your life. When you think to buy a new mattress then you have to get it to hurry because to avoid all the disease like pain and aches. Actually, buying a mattress in not a payment but it is an investment which you invest for your better health. This is the only way which makes you feel better and sleep better or provides more physical power to get rid of stress. So, get a mattress for your home faster and give a proper outfit to your room with pillow tops.

Have you found that your mattress can’t give comfort as you got it before some time from it? Do you get a new mattress then you need to take proper care of your mattress for its long-life? Even you can maximize the life of your bed with this and make your life much better day by day. Actually, there isa number of people who don’t know about how to get proper care of mattresses. You can make your life and immune system much better with this new mattress but need to proper care of it.

Which tips help you to improve the life of your mattress?

There are many tips given below which help you to make your mattress clean and get long-life. Most people think that brand caters you with long-life but when you buy brand then you have to check out many additional things. So, follow these tips under proper instruction unless you will lose your mattress. The mattress for back pain people looks at anywhere and it is the common problem which everyone had through its mattress.

Must turning it

Turning procedure is simple nit hectic and because of it, people avoid it that is not profitable. But people who assume this or try this know what exactly they should get from their mattress turning process. If you want to improve the life of your mattress then you can rotate it or flip it during time conditions. There is a need to rotate this mattress in first four months and you can see you don’t get any problem in your mattress for long-time. Actually, you can consult from there where you buy this mattress about flipping or rotating procedure.

Always make it clean

The sleepjunkie approachis the choice of every people but you have to follow some tips after that. Do you want that your mattress supports you well for long-life then you should need to clean it every day? When you think to increase the life of your mattress then you have to clean it regularly. With proper cleaning and using the vacuum on the mattress will help you to avoid the dust and allergies from your mattress. The foremost way of cleaning is, you can dab it into the warm water but need to check that it is not wet.

Zip it with sheets

There is one more way to clean your mattress and you can add-on new sheets on that and change that sheets during the time. This sheet will provide a good look to your bed and helps to make a proper care of your mattress. So, one up sheets on the mattresses and get rid of all those heavens of disease.

Firm, soft or medium? What are the best mattresses?

If you are looking for a new mattress, this is a recurring question. In general, people will base this decision on preference, but there are several other aspects that should be considered when determining which are the best mattresses.

Talking about the best mattresses will always be subject to subjectivity. Although personal preferences are important, certain needs must also be considered based on the specific physical and health conditions of each person.

For example, Tempur mattresses will always give you optimal support, while your feelings of firmness can vary between soft, medium and firm.

Firm mattresses

It must be clarified that a firm does not mean hard. Never sleep on a hard mattress; this is a bad thing, even for your back, which far from relieving the discomfort, could get worse.

This is the type of mattress that is generally recommended for people suffering from back pain.

However, this recommendation has been changing over time. Some studies have shown that an extremely firm mattress is not required, but the recommendation is to find a comfort point between a medium and high level of firmness.

Those who sleep on their stomachs may consider a mattress more firmly as their first choice. The same happens for those people whose weight is above 100 kilos.

Avoid firm mattresses if you suffer from joint pains, bursitis, and osteoporosis or if your weight is less than 65 kilos.

The soft mattresses

People with hip pain, bursitis and osteoporosis may benefit from a soft mattress. It is quite preferred among those who sleep on their side.

Avoid soft mattresses if you suffer from back pain or sleep on your stomach. Also, if you are overweight and joint problems, this will cause your body to sink further into the mattress, causing the joints to bend more than necessary, aggravating the discomfort in the pressure points, far from relieving them.

The intermediate mattresses

These types of mattresses are usually very popular. They provide excellent support for those who sleep on their back, keeping the spine in good alignment.

If you are not sure of the level of firmness, starting with an intermediate one is a good idea. Most people choose this type of mattress because they are considered “universal comfort” in the general perception.

Memory foam mattresses

Have you ever noticed that you rarely wake up in the same position in which you went to sleep? We all move through the night, some people more than others. So even though we have a preferred position when we go to bed, we change between one and the other while we are asleep.

In these cases, the best option will always be a viscoelastic foam mattress, because they isolate the movement and can be both soft and firm.

Many people who suffer from back pain and joint and muscle stiffness, obtain some level of relief to their ailments after using a visco-elastic foam mattress for a few nights in a row.

Tempur mattresses fall into this category, which you can find at different levels of firmness. Visit our stores and try each one, to find the one that best suits you.