Firm, soft or medium? What are the best mattresses?

If you are looking for a new mattress, this is a recurring question. In general, people will base this decision on preference, but there are several other aspects that should be considered when determining which are the best mattresses.

Talking about the best mattresses will always be subject to subjectivity. Although personal preferences are important, certain needs must also be considered based on the specific physical and health conditions of each person.

For example, Tempur mattresses will always give you optimal support, while your feelings of firmness can vary between soft, medium and firm.

Firm mattresses

It must be clarified that a firm does not mean hard. Never sleep on a hard mattress; this is a bad thing, even for your back, which far from relieving the discomfort, could get worse.

This is the type of mattress that is generally recommended for people suffering from back pain.

However, this recommendation has been changing over time. Some studies have shown that an extremely firm mattress is not required, but the recommendation is to find a comfort point between a medium and high level of firmness.

Those who sleep on their stomachs may consider a mattress more firmly as their first choice. The same happens for those people whose weight is above 100 kilos.

Avoid firm mattresses if you suffer from joint pains, bursitis, and osteoporosis or if your weight is less than 65 kilos.

The soft mattresses

People with hip pain, bursitis and osteoporosis may benefit from a soft mattress. It is quite preferred among those who sleep on their side.

Avoid soft mattresses if you suffer from back pain or sleep on your stomach. Also, if you are overweight and joint problems, this will cause your body to sink further into the mattress, causing the joints to bend more than necessary, aggravating the discomfort in the pressure points, far from relieving them.

The intermediate mattresses

These types of mattresses are usually very popular. They provide excellent support for those who sleep on their back, keeping the spine in good alignment.

If you are not sure of the level of firmness, starting with an intermediate one is a good idea. Most people choose this type of mattress because they are considered “universal comfort” in the general perception.

Memory foam mattresses

Have you ever noticed that you rarely wake up in the same position in which you went to sleep? We all move through the night, some people more than others. So even though we have a preferred position when we go to bed, we change between one and the other while we are asleep.

In these cases, the best option will always be a viscoelastic foam mattress, because they isolate the movement and can be both soft and firm.

Many people who suffer from back pain and joint and muscle stiffness, obtain some level of relief to their ailments after using a visco-elastic foam mattress for a few nights in a row.

Tempur mattresses fall into this category, which you can find at different levels of firmness. Visit our stores and try each one, to find the one that best suits you.