How to Improve at Mattress in 60 Minutes

We make it very easy for you, for this we explain clearly the types of materials that make up our mattresses and the types of bases that you can find. If you need detailed information and answers to your questions you can choose between these points. works with the best manufacturers in Spain; we are the online-offline store with the largest number of brands for sale that makes us different from our competitors: We highlight here the main manufacturers of which we are official distributors. Clicking on each logo you can know more about them and their products, their patents, technologies, their manufacture and why their products have so few incidents and offer so many guarantees.

In we have designed this guide to help you make the decision when buying your mattresses and bases (mattress, upholstered base or sofa). We hope to be of help. If you do not have time to read or have any questions, please call the toll-free number 900 701 086 and we will gladly assist you.

How to choose a mattress

When choosing a mattress there are many factors that must be taken into account: weight, height, whether we sleep alone or accompanied, the desired firmness, the materials on which we sleep now, our sleeping position, the frequency of use of the mattress to acquire, if we suffer any specific ailment or disease and there are more criteria!, but those are the main ones.

That is why we have created these information guides, in which we will talk about how they affect materials, how to choose the firmness you are looking for, about the measures and prices of mattresses, which mattress to choose according to your age, appearance or way of life and also on how to maintain them so that they last for many, many, many years.

How to choose a hinged or fixed sofa bed

If what you are looking for is helping to buy a folding canopy suitable for your sleeping, mattress that you have at home or want to buy, the size of your bedroom, etc. Below we show you a help guide with the most frequent questions that our clients ask us. Remember that the choice of base is very important when it comes to shaping your bed, since it is the support of the mattress and can also give more or less firmness, as well as transpiration qualities.

How to choose a slatted bed base

Generally, the purchase of a mattress is usually associated with a base, and the bed bases are the most common. Or take into account that a mattress usually lasts about ten years, but the mattress is more durable. How to know if after all that time I have to choose a mattress or another to take advantage of the base? Are visco mattresses with a slatted bed base suitable? What if I want less firmness? All these questions we try to answer them in these sections.

How to choose an upholstered base

We have created this guide to help you know what are the upholstered bases that are currently sold in the market, if they are appropriate for your way of sleeping and your mattress, and the differences that make up each other so that you understand the way in which your choice conditions rest.


Spring mattresses may be the best option for people with sweating problems or who seek a more traditional rest, wanting to avoid the sensation of adaptability offered by viscoelastic or latex mattresses. As with the other materials, there are spring mattresses of different compositions, spring thicknesses and degrees of firmness. Bagged springs are more adaptable than traditional springs, for example, and the choice of one type or another of mattresses will depend on what each one is looking for or needs.

The price of the mattress is one of the main problems that people face when buying a mattress. You must bear in mind that the price is reflected in factors such as quality, size or durability. The latter, especially, can make it better to spend money on a quality that can last longer, not try to save and, after a short time, you should go back to buy another. It is also important to keep in mind that testing the mattress in a physical store always helps and it is recommended that the brand you are interested in have physical stores, but then end up confirming your purchase online if it is more comfortable. Click here memory foam mattress comparisonyou will get all the details.