To People That Want to Start Mattress but Are Afraid to Get Started

The mattress palette is getting bigger and bigger day by day, and the choice becomes more complicated. Finding a suitable mattress can be difficult – so we offer this article with tips that can help you in the search.

The importance of the mattress

You do not have to adjust to the mattress – it needs to satisfy your needs. You sleep 6 to 8 hours – it’s all time spent on the mattress. The mute is our support and our o. So, check before buying a mattress. We’ve prepared 8 categories to make it easy for you to choose.

Body material

Depending on the size and weight, you can choose different types of mattresses. If your height exceeds 190 cm, make a mattress custom. It is not at all comfortable to sleep at 200 x 200 cm when you have 190 cm. Take a mattress at least 15-20 cm longer than your height.

If your body mass index is greater than 25, choose a spring mattress. Cotton mattresses can deform and do not support the spine properly

Mattress size

Three are standard sizes of 90 × 200, 140 x 200 and 160 x 200 cm. However, more and more manufacturers are moving into other dimensions. It’s no longer so complicated to get an individual mattress. It may be difficult for you to find the appropriate mattress.

Our advice: Brands that have bed ventilation usually also ventilate mattresses and boxes for boxes. Buy three components at the same time to make your life easier for you.


The pain that can come when it wakes is just one factor: the strength of the mattress that does not fit your body material. The strength of the mattress determines its density (kg / m3). Basic rule: higher user weight – higher density / strength.

However, strength is a subjective characteristic. Do not always listen to the vendor’s advice – try each mattress in the shop and choose the one that suits you. Beware of health problems, contact your doctor: too soft or too firm a mattress does not recommend to people with scoliosis.

What it means is to determine the technology that best suits your needs. Before choosing you can go for Best mattress salesand select the quality one.

Muffler with springs

This model provides good ventilation – people who sweat much may prefer them more. Springs are also better for severe obesity. We recommend pocket springs because they are optimally adapting to the body, offering ideal support and perfect sleep independence. Between the double conical springs and multiple springs – select the latter.


Thanks to high elasticity, latex mattress automatically takes shape after use and perfectly adapts to the morphology of the user. The average latex density is 65 to 85 kg / m3 and offers a strong comfort. The main advantage of latex and its longevity – after 10 years loses only 5% of elasticity. Latex is a natural regulator of moisture and heat – the mattress with the best ventilation on the market.